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Nanny charged with abuse after being filmed 'putting buttocks in disabled boy's face and dragging

06 Aralık 2016 632 izlenme
Nanny charged with abuse after being filmed 'putting buttocks in disabled boy's face and dragging him across floor'
WARNING DISTRESSING CONTENT Lillian D. White was seen on a hidden camera set up by the boy's mum, who noticed worrying changes in his behaviour

This distressing footage shows a disabled four-year-old boy being abused by his nanny as she faces charges for child cruelty .

Lillian D. White was caught on camera by the little boy's mum after she noticed worrying changes in her son Luke Field's behaviour.

White can be seen in the footage sitting on the vulnerable lad and putting her backside in his face as she changes his nappy.

She is also seen dragging Luke, who has Down's syndrome , across the floor of his family's living room and screaming: "You little s**t, this is what we're going to do – we're doing it my way."

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CanaryNanny charged with abuse after being caught being heavy handed with four-year-old boy with Down syndromeHelpless Luke Field is seen being dragged across the floor
CanaryNanny dragging four-year-old boy with Down syndrome across the floorHe is pulled by his feet in the family living room
Luke, who has heart defects and epilepsy, is also flipped over as he lies helplessly on the floor.

White, of Lexington in Massachusetts, has appeared in court charged with child abuse after Luke's mum Tiffany Fields shared the footage.

Ms Fields's lawyer Dale Golden said the devastated mum never expected what she found.

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CanaryNanny sitting on four-year-old boy with Down syndromeLillian D. White is also seen sitting on the child
Police HandoutLillian D. WhiteShe has been charged with child abuse
"Once she looked at it, to her shock, she saw that her child was not only being physically abused but also verbally abused," he said.

White, who had been Luke's nanny since June, was arrested and has been charged with second-degree criminal abuse .

She pleaded not guilty but refused to comment afterwards.